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Dhokra Coconut Jewelry Box Safe


The perfect box to keep your treasure safe. Coconut shaped box with three eyes has long been used to keep precious and important items protected. It keeps an eye on the objects stored in it. Coconut is an auspicious fruit, commonly used in spiritual practices. The fruit itself is an embodiment of protection. With its hard shell, dense coir fibers and three eyes, the fruit protects and preserves its precious milk. This Dhokra coconut box is a feat achieved by tribal of Odisha. It is made from bell metal, which makes it strong; features clasp fastener, carrying loop handle, peacock motif on the top, and 3-eyes motif on the side. These products are made by cire perdue process, i.e. casting of bell metal through lost wax technique. For generations, the Situlia community of Dhenkanal, Odisha has been making Dhokra products, which have a high demand in both national and international markets. No two Dhokra artifacts are equal, because each is made from a new mold as the older ones are lost in the process.

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Dhokra Coconut Jewelry Box Safe
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