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Dhokra Pagdi Dholak Drum Musician


A Dhokra artifact to resonate positive and lively vibes in your room. This strong tribal male represents the pagdi musician of the tribe, beating on his dholak or madal. They have a striking physique with bold mustache and turban. Their ornaments, such as heavy earring (kundal), heavy necklace (mala), solid bracelet (kada), solid armlet (bajubandh) represent strength and vitality. The tribes are happy people, who enjoy life with music and dance. This could be kept in house to bring happiness, and positive energy into your life. These products are made by cire perdue process, i.e. casting of bell metal through lost wax technique. For generations, the Situlia community of Dhenkanal, Odisha has been making Dhokra products, which have a high demand in both national and international markets. No two Dhokra artifacts are equal, because each is made from a new mold as the older ones are lost in the process.

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Dhokra Pagdi Dholak Drum Musician
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