Damage and replacement

1.     Inspection of Goods Upon Receipt

www.gitanjaliawards.com undertakes to provide good standards in the packaging of all products to eliminate damage in transit whenever possible. Regardless of how well a product is packed, damage does occur occasionally. Our policy is designed to minimize these problems for you. Please follow the following instructions when you receive your order.

2.     Upon Delivery

  • Carton Inspection – If damage is visible or you notice any sign of possible damage (i.e. crushed corners, dented/torn cartons, etc.), notify delivery man and ask to document it.
  •  Immediately after delivery, open all cartons and inspect for concealed damage.
  • Report all damages to www.gitanjaliawards.com by email to sales@gitanjaliawards.com ; Be sure to include the following:

  • Order Number
    Name of Purchaser
    Date of Delivery
    Item(s) Damaged
    Description of Damage
    Contact Email and Telephone Number
    No claim will be allowed after 15 days of receipt of product, www.gitanjaliawards.com will notify you as soon as possible regarding the damage claims
    Replacement of damaged goods is solely at the discretion of gitanjaliawards.com.